Adjustable Positive Displacement Dispensing Valve

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Product number: VDP150
Product information "Adjustable Positive Displacement Dispensing Valve"
The VDP150 is a pneumatically-operated positive displacement valve designed for dispensing constant volume shots up to 0.15 cc of low to medium viscosity material. Featuring two integral check valves to control the flow of material, the valve is cycled by applying air pressure to the air ports. No fluid pressure is required for low-viscosity materials (less than 5,000 cps) as the material is drawn into the displacement chamber by the plunger.
Air Input: M5 x 0.8
Check Valve: PEEK
Check Valve O-rings: FFKM
Material Outlet: Luer Lock
Maximum Shot Size: 0.15 cc / cycle
Operating Air Pressure: 70 - 100 psi
Valve Chamber, Cap & CV Body: SUS303
Valve Check Body: SUS303, RULON
Valve Cylinder Body: Aluminum
Valve Piston: SUS303
Valve Plunger: SUS420 (tin coating)
Weight: 323 g
Product Features:
  • Positive displacement metering
  • Integral inlet/outlet check valves
  • Stroke adjustment to fine tune shot size