Adjustable No-Clog Spray Dispensing Valves

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Product number: SV2000N
Product information "Adjustable No-Clog Spray Dispensing Valves"
The SV2000N series are no-clog spray valves and work best with low-viscosity materials, typically less than 1000 cps. Material is typically fed to the spray valve from a pressure reservoir. Each valve is actuated by air pressure sequenced by a controller. The operating air pressure opens a needle valve allowing material to flow, while a separate airline creates pressure in the cap, atomizing the fluid. Valve selection based on required spray area. This spray valve is used in conjunction with the SVC100 controller.
Atomizing Air Pressure: 1 - 30 psi max
Fluid Pressure: 1 - 100 psi
Fluid Viscosity Range: Up to 1,000 cps
Operating Air Pressure: 70 - 100 psi
Operating Frequency: Up to 400 cycles / min
Valve Body/Piston: SS
Valve Diaphragm: UHMW-PE
Valve Needle: SS
Valve Seat: PEEK
Weight: 236 g
Product Features:
  • Stroke-adjust control
  • Tunable spray pattern
  • Adjustable coating and flow rate