QuantX(trade mark) QK Dispensing Sample Kits

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Product number: QK-3510
Product information "QuantX(trade mark) QK Dispensing Sample Kits"
Not sure if QuantX(trade mark) dispensing accessories are the right fit for your applicationin Fisnar QuantX Dispensing Sample Kits include syringe barrels manufactured from silicone-free, premium grade polypropylene. Color options include black for maximum light protection, amber for UV protection up to 520 nm visible light, and natural for non UV materials. Also included are QuantX(trade mark) end caps and pistons to prevent fluid leakage, apply even pressure, and prevent tunneling. Included are natural syringe barrels, end caps, and pistons ideal for non UV materials.
Size: 3 cc, 5 cc, 10 cc