Pneumatic Vacuum Pickup System

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Product number: VPP50
Product information "Pneumatic Vacuum Pickup System"
The VPP50 Vacuum Pickup System is designed for safely and efficiently picking up and placing delicate lightweight components with ease. Unlike conventional tweezers, the use of a rubber suction cup prevents possible accidental damage or contamination to the component during the lifting and positioning process. Its simple pneumatic only control and easy to use finger actuated design allows the system to be used in workspace environments, where electrical supply is unavailable or not permitted. Each unit comes with one of the 580046-ESD pickup pens included.
Air Input: 100psi (7 bar) max
Maximum Pickup Weight: Up to 4.4oz (125g)
Relative Humidity: 20 - 90% (No condensation)
Standards: CE Approved, RoHS Compliant
Vacuum: Up to 400 mm-Hg (15.75in.-Hg)
Weight: 0.84 lbs (0.38kg)
Product Features:
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Adjustable vacuum control
  • Pneumatic only system
  • Manually finger actuated
  • Lightweight ergonomic ESD safe pickup pen included
  • Includes a selection of ESD safe tips and vacuum cups included to ensure compatibility with differing applications
  • Compliant for use in ESD safe environment
  • Prevents damage and contamination to delicate components
  • Stand included for safe storage of vacuum pick-up pen when not in use