Piezoelectric Jet Contact Dispense Valves

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Product number: Pz1200
Product information "Piezoelectric Jet Contact Dispense Valves"
The Pz1200 Piezoelectric Valve can be configured as a non-contact jet or precise high-speed contact dispensing valve. The advanced piezoelectric ceramic actuation technology achieves exceptional levels of dispense accuracy and superior process control. The inclusion of an integrated closed loop heater element inside the valve allows the fluid viscosity to be stabilized, to assist in optimizing jet ability and dispense process control. The unique modular valve design gives complete versatility, in order for it to be correctly configured for both application process and dispense fluid requirements.
Dispensing Accuracy: >99% (non-varying conditions)
Maintenance/Inspection Interval: Approx. 10,000,000 cycles (fluid dependent)
Material Delivery Pressure: 1,000 psi max
Material Inlet: M8x1
Max Burst Dispensing Frequency: Pz1200S: 2,000 Hz; Pz1200D: 750 Hz
Max Continuous Dispensing Frequency: Pz1200S: 1,200 Hz; Pz1200D: 500 Hz
Max Fluid Input Pressure: Up to 75 bar
Min. Dispensing Time: Pz1200S: 0.20ms; Pz1200D: 0.18ms
Viscosity Range: Pz1200S: 1 to 100,000 cps; Pz1200D: 50,000 cps
Weight: 320 g (0.7 lb)
Wetted Components: Stainless Steel 303, Ceramix FFKM, NBR, PEEK
Product Features:
  • Dot size as small as 1 nl/0.2 mm
  • Exceptional dispense accuracy
  • Fixed valve stroke ensures superior process control
  • Continuous cycle rates up to 1,200 Hz
  • Fast cycle times and long service life
  • Durable ceramic cartridge ball and valve seat
  • Closed loop fluid heater for stabilizing fluid viscosity