Peristaltic Pump Dispenser

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Product number: PPD-130
Product information "Peristaltic Pump Dispenser"
Peristaltic pump dispensers transfer low-viscosity liquids by pressure displacement applied to a turning rotor against a tube-carrying fluid. The PPD-130 offers excellent features for air-free positive displacement dispensing of materials, such as cyanoacrylates, solvents, acids, and other low-viscosity materials. Dispense outputs can be timed from 0.01 to 99.99 seconds with flow speeds from 0.01 to 6 ml/min using PTFE tubing. The pump is bidirectional allowing snuff-back after discharge to prevent dripping.
Cycle Rate: 0.01 - 99.99 secs
Dispense Pressure: Over 105 kg/cm2
Flow Speed: 0.01 - 6 ml / min
I/O: Connection for Remote Operation
Input Voltage: 110 - 240 VAC - 50/60Hz
Rotor Speed: Up to 120rpm
Standards: CE Approved, RoHS Compliant
Weight: 2.99 kg
Product Features:
  • Forward and reverse motion
  • Adjustable interval before reverse direction
  • Continuous or timer modes
  • Output signal to indicate end of cycle
  • Large segment digital LED display
  • Air-free dispensing
  • Instant reverse for snuff-back of liquid flow