Mini Spool Dispensing Valve

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Product number: VMS400
Product information "Mini Spool Dispensing Valve"
The VMS400 is a mini-spool valve designed for dispensing small volumes of medium to high viscosity materials. When air pressure is applied to the air inlet of the valve, the spool will be forced forward and fluid will be dispensed. Shot size and flow rate are controlled by the tip size, fluid pressure, and the duration that the valve is open.
Air Inlet: M5 x 0.8
Material Outlet: Luer Lock
Operating Air Pressure: 70 - 100 psi
Valve Body, Piston: SUS303
Valve Cap: Aluminum
Valve Chamber, Cap: SUS303
Valve Seal: UHMW-PE Lip Seal
Valve Spool: SUS420
Weight: 255 g
Product Features:
  • High-pressure fluid input up to 700 psi
  • Suitable for high viscosity fluids
  • Adjustable suck-back
  • Stainless steel wetted parts for volatile and corrosive materials