Amber QuantX Syringe Barrels

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Product number: 8001042-30
Product information "Amber QuantX Syringe Barrels"
QuantX(trade mark) syringe barrels feature a highly accurate manufacturing process that combines minimal resistance and ultra parallel uniformity over the length of the syringe barrel. These features make QuantX(trade mark) the first choice for packaging high-value fluids and for accurate dot and line dispensing. Syringe barrels are manufactured from premium grade, silicone-free, polypropylene. Clear for non UV materials, amber for UV protection up to 550nm visible light, and opaque black for maximum light protection.
Base: Round
I.D. inch/mm: 0.622 / 15.78
Length inch/mm: 3.567 / 90.6
O.D. inch/mm: 0.733 / 18.6
Pack Qty.: 30
Size: 10 cc